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Record Store Day 2022 exclusive. Limited to 14,000 copies worldwide. Includes a sheet of 6 stickers that are the band’s name in each of the 6 albums’ respective fonts.

Pleasant Dreams:
Recorded at Media Sound, New York, U.S.A.; Strawberry Studio North, Stockport, England; Strawberry Studio South, Dorking, England
Mastered at Strawberry Mastering, London, England
℗ 2022, 1981, © 1981 Sire Records Company

Subterranean Jungle:
Recorded at Kingdom Sound, Syosset, Long Island
Originally mastered at Columbia Recording Studios, N.Y.
℗ 2022, 1983, © 1983 Sire Records Company

Too Tough To Die:
Recorded at Mediasound, New York
Mixed at Sigma Sound, New York
Originally mastered at Sterling Sound, New York
℗ 2022, 1984, © 1984 Sire Records Company

Animal Boy:
Recorded at Intergalactic Studios, NY, USA
Mixed at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Originally mastered at Townhouse Cutting Room, London, England
℗ 2022, 1986, © 1986 Sire Records Company

Halfway To Sanity:
Recorded at Intergalactic Studios, NYC
Mixed at Unique Recording, NYC
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC
℗ 2022, 1987, © 1987 Sire Records Company

Brain Drain:
Mixed at Platinum Island
Recorded at Sorcerer Sound and Quad Recording
Additional recording at B.C. Studio
Mastered at Masterdisk
℗ 2022, 1989, © 1989 Sire Records Company

Still More Stuff: Rarities 1981-1989:
℗ & © 2022 Sire Records, a Warner Music Group Company
Side 1:
Tracks 1-2 from the Pleasant Dreams sessions
Tracks 3-4 from the Subterranean Jungle sessions
Tracks 4-7 from the Too Tough To Die sessions
Track 6 [url=/release/2904683]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #128[/url] (1/85)
Side 2:
Track 1 [url=/release/5445705]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #140[/url] (6/85)
Track 2 [url=/release/1352022]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #157[/url] (4/86)
Track 3 [url=/release/902950]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #167[/url] (7/86)
Track 4 [url=/release/1739885]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #198T[/url] (9/87)
Track 5 [url=/release/1485449]Beggars Banquet [U.K.] single #198[/url] (9/87)
Track 6 previously unissued
Track 7 [url=/release/1032131]Sire single #22911[/url] (9/89)

℗ & © 2022 Sire Records Company, a Warner Music Group Company

Manufactured for & marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company
Made in Czech Republic

. Pleasant Dreams
A1. We Want The Airwaves 3:20
A2. All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front 2:12
A3. The KKK Took My Baby Away 2:31
A4. Don’t Go 2:46
A5. You Sound Like You’re Sick 2:40
A6. It’s Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World) 3:22
B1. She’s A Sensation 3:26
B2. 7-11 3:33
B3. You Didn’t Mean Anything To Me 2:59
B4. Come On Now 2:30
B5. This Business Is Killing Me 2:39
B6. Sitting In My Room 2:30
. Subterranean Jungle
C1. Little Bit O’Soul 2:43
C2. I Need Your Love 3:03
C3. Outsider 2:10
C4. What’d Ya Do? 2:24
C5. Highest Trails Above 2:09
C6. Somebody Like Me 2:34
D1. Psycho Therapy 2:35
D2. Time Has Come Today 4:25
D3. My My Kind Of Girl 3:31
D4. In The Park 2:34
D5. Time Bomb 2:09
D6. Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You 3:04
. Too Tough To Die
E1. Mama’s Boy 2:09
E2. I’m Not Afraid Of Life 3:12
E3. Too Tough To Die 2:35
E4. Durango 95 0:55
E5. Wart Hog 1:54
E6. Danger Zone 2:03
E7. Chasing The Night 4:25
F1. Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) 4:06
F2. Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) 4:31
F3. Planet Earth 1988 2:54
F4. Human Kind 2:41
F5. Endless Vacation 1:45
F6. No Go 3:03
. Animal Boy
G1. Somebody Put Something In My Drink 3:23
G2. Animal Boy 1:50
G3. Love Kills 2:19
G4. Apeman Hop 2:02
G5. She Belongs To Me 3:54
G6. Crummy Stuff 2:06
H1. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) 3:55
H2. Mental Hell 2:38
H3. Eat That Rat 1:37
H4. Freak Of Nature 1:32
H5. Hair Of The Dog 2:19
H6. Something To Believe In 4:09
. Halfway To Sanity
I1. I Wanna Live 2:36
I2. Bop ‚Til You Drop 2:09
I3. Garden Of Serenity 2:35
I4. Weasel Face 1:49
I5. Go Lil‘ Camaro Go 2:00
I6. I Know Better Now 2:37
J1. Death Of Me 2:39
J2. I Lost My Mind 1:33
J3. A Real Cool Time 2:36
J4. I’m Not Jesus 2:52
J5. Bye Bye Baby 4:33
J6. Worm Man 1:52
. Brain Drain
K1. I Believe In Miracles 3:18
K2. Zero Zero UFO 2:24
K3. Don’t Bust My Chops 2:25
K4. Punishment Fits The Crime 3:00
K5. All Screwed Up 3:57
K6. Palisades Park 2:16
L1. Pet Sematary 3:32
L2. Learn To Listen 1:48
L3. Can’t Get You Outta My Mind 3:18
L4. Ignorance Is Bliss 2:35
L5. Come Back, Baby 3:59
L6. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight) 2:04
. Still More Stuff: Rarities 1981-1989
M1. Touring (1981 Version) 2:47
M2. I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind 3:23
M3. Chop Suey (Alternate Version) 3:32
M4. New Girl In Town 3:28
M5. Street Fighting Man 2:54
M6. Smash You 2:21
M7. Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) (Demo) 3:15
N1. Go Home Ann 2:55
N2. (You) Can’t Say Anything Nice 2:49
N3. I Don’t Wanna Live This Life (Anymore) 3:26
N4. Life Goes On 3:30
N5. Indian Giver (Remix) 2:45
N6. Go Lil‘ Camaro Go (Alternate Version) 2:02
N7. Pet Sematary (Radio Mix) 3:32


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Phonographic Copyright (p) Sire Records Company
Copyright (c) Sire Records Company
Manufactured For Rhino Entertainment Company
Marketed By Rhino Entertainment Company
Lacquer Cut At Sterling Sound
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Pressed By GZ Media
Recorded At Mediasound
Recorded At Strawberry Studios
Recorded At Strawberry Studios South
Mastered At Strawberry Mastering
Recorded At Kingdom Sound
Mastered At Columbia Recording Studios
Mixed At Sigma Sound Studios, New York
Mastered At Sterling Sound
Recorded At Intergalactic Studios
Mixed At Polar Studios
Mastered At The Town House
Mixed At Unique Recording
Mixed At Platinum Island Studios
Recorded At Sorcerer Sound
Recorded At Quad Recording Studios
Recorded At BC Studio
Mastered At Masterdisk

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